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Web wallet beta version & Mac running wallet

[ 05/17/2018 ]

Hi, as it is still quiet in the foreground, we are working hard in the background. Our web wallet is in beta test phase & it is used by a few people already for testing purposes. We are also working on Mac wallet & have a running version, which gets tested also..


New exchange: Crex24

[ 05/10/2018 ]

We´re proud to tell you we have a new exchange! We took this exchange because of the ALPS / EURO pair in near future for the cooperation with our real world partners!


Netwok stability & price update

[ 05/10/2018 ]

Hello community, as you know, we are testing our web wallet with a real world partner in a few weeks and for this purpose we need more network stability and activity. And this is what we gonna do:

First official partner where you can pay with ALPS!

[ 04/30/2018 ]

We are very proud to announce our first official partner in real world, a company named „Steiner Nautic“ in Austria.

If you take a trip to austria, consider to go to Mattsee – its a very nice place and you can rent electric boats for relaxing on the lake. If you want to sail, no problem, they lend everything – from electricboats to paddleboat. And you can pay with ALPS after we released our web wallet.

You can have a look at their website: (this is a local company, so their website is in german only at the moment)

If you have questions or want to book a boat, please contact @sourcefinder in our discord!

Pic campaign

[ 04/24/2018 ]

Share your favourite alpine sports or leisure activity pic on twitter/discord/facebook.

Best pictures get free ALPS! Campaign ends on 04/28/18 at 12 UTC. 

1. Place ALPS 500 | 2. Place ALPS 250 | 3. Place ALPS 100
Place 4 – 10: ALPS 50 | Place 11 – 30: ALPS 25

(photographed by yourself – no stockphotos allowed)

Link to Twitter >>

Twitter & Facebook campaign [Whitepaper]

[ 04/17/2018 ]

You want to find one of the most perspective coin to invest? Now it‘s the best time! Retweet or share our whitepaper and get ALPS. Everyone could get up to 5 000 ALPS. Future begins here!

All you need to do is:

– retweet / share our whitepaper

– write your wallet address (in a comment)

Campaign ends on 04/23/2018 at 12 UTC.

Link to Twitter >>

Link to Facebook >>


[ 04/14/2018 ]

Hey community!

We proudly present our whitepaper including plans and pictures of our hardware device (ALPSbox).

Thank´s for your patience. So we completed milestone one, except our web wallet which we will finish in a few days.. 

Please follow us on twitter and discord for further updates.



Track ALPS value at

[ 04/13/2018 ]

Hey @everyone ! We got one more good news today.

Now you can track ALPS value on:

Vote for us:



Release live web-wallet

[ 04/13/2018 ]

Next week we are planning to release live web-wallet. Then everyone who doen´t want to download desktop wallet, could use the web one. This way people will be able to access and use ALPS from everywhere. Later we will implement currency trading function, network information and more. If we are not active on discord, it doesn’t mean we are not active on development. Demo picture:


second exchange

[ 04/10/2018 ]

today graviex listed us –

so we did get our second exchange!



Hardware is ready

[ 04/09/2018 ]

again – to avoid misunderstandings 🙂
hardware prototype is ready for software development

Display arrived

[ 04/07/2018 ]

Our new 5 inch touch display for the first prototype just arrived.

We keep you updated !

Masternode rewards

[ 04/06/2018 ]

Hey community,
thanks for your great feedback!

If you follow us on twitter, you saw the first device video :smiley: it was just a greeting – but we are working on our hardware devices and we believe in our project.

About the exchange: We chose a low volume one, because we are going for long time and we don’t want that our coin gets dumped in the first week.
There will be bigger exchanges in future (see our roadmap).

As everyone of you can see, we did a good progress and we finished all except one objective from our milestone one in ~10 days. Now we concentrate on our last point, the whitepaper.
This will be ready next week.

We also saw that there were discussions about Masternode rewards.
After our next checkpoint update we will implement following:

Masternode count 1 to 40, Masternode reward is 30% (now)
Masternode count 40 to 100, Masternode reward is 40%
Masternode count 100 to xxx, Masternode reward is 50%

Consider to buy ALPS on our website to support our project if you like it and follow us on twitter and discord for more updates!

First exchange listing

[ 04/05/2018 ]

first exchange listing for ALPS:

Greetings from our prototype 🙂

[ 04/05/2018 ]

First prototype video 

Good day

[ 04/03/2018 ]

Today was a good day – we are building our prototype device..

Keep up and follow us for updates!



Masternode guide

[ 04/03/2018 ]

Get the Masternode
guide on our website


Source code avaiable

[ 04/02/2018 ]

Source code now available on GitHub website




[ 04/02/2018 ]

Please update your client software
Links can be found on our website


20% off

[ 04/02/2018 ]



Masternode vote

[ 04/01/2018 ]

MASTERNODE PERCENT DIVISON VOTE [Vote will last for 16 hours]

For 70% miners – 30% Masternode reward vote: 🍏

For 60% miners – 40% Masternode reward vote: 🍎

For 50% miners – 50% Masternode reward vote: 🍊


Masternode payment started today

[ 04/01/2018 ]

Happy easter!

And don´t forget – Masternode payment started today 🙂

Exchange is coming

[ 03/31/2018 ]

We get listed on the first exchange next week 🙂


Alps on ARM

[ 03/29/2018 ]

Running our ALPS server on a new PoS device on ARM platform.

Tech-demo coming soon..

[ 03/29/2018 ]

Our tech-demo is getting nearer..

Today we setup our PoS-Terminals and test our RFID chips !

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