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Alps Pillars


Our goal is to make life easier for those who want to pay easy and cashless in alpine regions in their free time! This ranges from paying the ski pass to hotel booking.



Regardless of all, we will combine sports and leisure activities in alpine regions worldwide under one roof.



To prevent manipulation and to increase transparency, the complete ALPS Coin is transparent!

Enviroment Friendly

Enviroment Friendly

The Lyra2Z algorythm makes ALPS a very power saving coin.

"To the moon and much further"

A decentralized platform for sports and leisure activities in alpine regions

Welcome to the Alps. Enjoy your stay with our new cryptocurrency. We offer you a decentralized platform for your trip to the Alps or every other sports/skiing/leisure region in the world. We will get you a new experience with our coin. Imagine a holiday where you only need your phone (or another wallet device :huh: – future feature) for paying everything – from parking to skiing, swimming, hiking, whatever.

So how does Alpenschilling work? First off the total supply has to be mined like many other coins, but you can also buy a couple of premined ALPS (but hurry, only 4% are premined) for future use in different locations. After you got coins you start your holiday. Drive to your favourite skiing resort (ex.) and allow us to take care of every payment you make. Our technology will help you to relax in your holidays and you always have control over your private money. Furthermore you can withdraw your money from ATMs and take advantage of our own decentralized exchange. So you can exchange cash to ALPS on our platform.

Give us a try and relax yourself on your next holiday!

Let’s talk about the premine thing, because we premined ~4 percent of our total supply (ALPS 300.000.000). This four percent are totally transparent (after launch of explorer you will get the ALPS address to watch the progress).
But why did we premine? There are people out there who want to invest in a coin without heavy mining equipment. There are also people out there who want to fill up there missing ALPS for ex. a new masternode.
Every purchase will be processed manually.

And why are Masternodes so expensive? They are not expensive, if you think of our total coin supply. You just can’t get them within a few days for fast money. We want to rise slowly and continously.

Symbol: ALPS

Address: A

Supply: 300.000.000

Genesis: 3/25/2018

MasterNode: ALPS 60.000

Halving: 865.000 blocks

Time: 1.9 Minuten

POW-Algorithm: Lyra2z

Diff: 1 Block (DGWv3)

Block reward: 130 Alps

Ports: 9666 – 9667

Premine: 4,4%


Milestone [ 03-05/2018 ]

Milestone [ 03-05/2018 ]
  • Launch
  • Website
  • Windows / Linux wallets
  • Blockchain explorer
  • First exchange listings
  • Masternodes
  • Whitepaper
  • ALPSbox prototype
  • Team reveal

Milestone [ 05-09/2018 ]

Milestone [ 05-09/2018 ]
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Additional Exchanges
  • Marketing
    • Sponsorship of skiing events
    • Bounty campaigns. etc.
    • National and International Press
  • Web Wallet
  • Finding partners & investors

Milestone [ 09-12/2018 ]

Milestone [ 09-12/2018 ]
  • Contracts with Partners (Hotels, Skiregions, Leisure time activities)
  • ALPSbox device
  • Marketing
  • E-commerce Integration
  • RFID devices
  • Smart Masternodes
  • Own exchange platform

Milestone [ 12/2018 – 03/2019 ]

Milestone [ 12/2018 – 03/2019 ]
  • ALPSbox distribution
  • Implementing payments (ATM etc.)
  • Further contracts with partners
  • Marketing

Milestone [ 03-05/2019 ]

Milestone [ 03-05/2019 ]
  • Service Providers
  • Further contracts with partners
  • Marketing
  • Define new goals & milestones . . .


Download our whitepaper and find out more about us!

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Masternode guide

What are Masternodes?

Masternodes are servers that construct the blockchain network to allow specific services that are not possible with miners only under proof of work.

What do I need to setup a Masternode?

To start you need a collateral amount of ALPS 60000.

This is your Masternode guide!

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